We are searching for the best to support the future growth of our company

Dedicated & passionate

At Tillotts Pharma UK, we are a dedicated and passionate group of people. Improving the lives of people with GI diseases and supporting those who care for them is at the heart of everything we do.

“Tillotts Pharma UK looks for very special qualities in people when we recruit, we are not a run-of-the-mill business and so we need our people to be talented, determined, nice people.” – Jeremy Thorpe, Managing Director of Tillotts Pharma UK

The success of the business comes from the relationships we have built with our customers, and to do this we need the right people. We hire from across the UK as it is crucial to acquire regional knowledge of infrastructure, culture and geography. We have established sales teams in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and different English regions.


92% Employee Satisfaction

Tillotts invests in people.

We deliver comprehensive medical training to all employees, so our entire team is equipped with in-depth knowledge of gastrointestinal diseases. We have built a cohesive, dynamic and talented team of individuals who truly care and take accountability for supporting all aspects of the GI community.


We are looking for individuals with the following qualities:

  • Passionate about improving outcomes
  • Skilled and talented in your chosen field or have transferrable skills
  • Open-minded and can think outside the box
  • Fit with the rest of the Tillotts team

“What makes a good team fit at Tillotts Pharma UK is somebody who is passionate about what they do, is warm and friendly and is able to put their ego aside in order to get the result we need.” – Jeremy Thorpe, Managing Director of Tillotts Pharma UK


Join our graduate recruitment scheme

Our successful graduate trainee scheme launched in 2017, since then we have seen a number of our graduates flourish in their careers with Tillotts, and we’ve seen some graduate trainees move into roles in other companies, if other firms value our employees we must be doing things right.

If you are a recent graduate and interested in joining us at Tillotts Pharma UK, please get in touch.

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